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Yuki Enomoto

Yuki Enomoto will be a Nichibei Fellow at the EHC 2017 program. She is really looking forward to meeting and working with all of you.

From VIA Programs, she has participated in MED 2015 and that experience changed her a lot in many ways. She realized how active other students were, how other students were studying hard and how small her world was. From this experience, Yuki wanted to see a larger world, therefore she jumped into DSI –Design Thinking Social Innovation Program- last spring, where there were few medical students. It also gave her a lot of motivation to step up next stages! Therefore she has some knowledge about Design Thinking and loves to think some new creative things.

In her university days, Yuki belongs to the Sumo Club. Actually she is not playing it, she is the manager in this club. To be a manager, Yuki learns how to support team members and she becomes very happy when they achieved their goals. So in this EHC, she would love to support you and she would like you to achieve your goals!

Her hobby is Japanese calligraphy, and has been doing that more than 15 years. And also she loves to sing songs, even though she is not good at singing. Yuki’s most favorite thing is talking with people, have communications with others and getting new aspects of the things! So please talk to her about anything that you would like to share with her; she loves to listen!

Yuki has one advice for those who want to make this EHC have more wonderful memories: Why don’t you try yourself, why don’t you break through your new wall? I know for some of you, speaking English is hard, some of you feel a little shy to speak with new people, but this is the chance to change yourself. So I would like you to decide on one thing that you would like to change yourself in the Bay Area! And I love to support you!

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, March 20

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Thursday, March 23

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